Dear Santa

I have been struggling the last couple months with posts. There is still SO much of Josie’s journey to write about. I wanted to be introspective and touching for the holidays. Write something thankful for Thanksgiving or Merry for Christmas. But with all the introspection, all the digging deep into the recesses of my heart, I realized simplicity is often best.

The fist time I saw Dr. Josie Wells was on this newspaper page, starring at me across the room compelling me to follow her. She graced space on the same page as many other prominent Nashvilian women. Among the headlines on the front page was the intriguing idea of equality “Women Are Not Detrimental–Latent Powers Lauded.” Throughout the remaining pages of the Nashville Globe on Friday December 20, 1918 were scattered photos of women, who by their actions were making a difference in their community. And of course Dr. Josie Wells was among them.

The photos were interspersed along side letters to Santa Claus. Sweet, innocent letters full of hopeful joy at the idea of Santa Claus. One cannot read through these letters and not be filled with happiness. Enjoy. Merry Christmas everyone.

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