May 20, 2022–Josie’s Day

The day before the dedication Josie’s great grandson, David Wells Givens, his beautiful wife Laura and I spent the day together touring “Josie’s Nashville.” I took them to the places she knew. Showed them where her office was and finally took them to the cemetery where she was buried. They were the kindest most welcoming humans. I was happy to share Josie and they shared what history they had found at home… a tiny sneak peek of the amazingness…this charming photo of Alma in a bathing suit!

The Event

What I took away most from the day wasn’t the marker, it wasn’t the dedication. It became not just about Josie. It became another step on this life changing journey. It was a day of joy and celebration. It was a day of being grateful for who I am and what I have accomplished, right along with Josie. It was a day to enjoy the amazing people I get the pleasure of meeting.

David & Laura and Asa. I am forever grateful for you and the enthusiasm and encouragement you heaped upon me. If I didn’t say so, I was humbled. Thank you.

It was a day to appreciate my people. The people that support me and love me, even when I am flightly and unfocused on real life. The people who came even when I told them they didn’t have to.

Billy, I’m so glad you were right there beside me, just like that first day at McLemore. Every week, you said “what did you find this week?” and “You keep searching. You don’t stop.” I am so grateful that I get to be your friend. You are one of a kind.

Jenny, my research partner extraordinaire. Assistant is not good enough for what you do to keep me sane. Together we makeup the perfect researcher. Thank you keeping me fed and for bringing a pen.

David Lee, strong, steadfast. Just your presence calmed me. I love you.

I could feel all three silently cheering from the back of the crowd. (Well, Jenny wasn’t so silent…!;)


I cannot remember which photos were from whom to give credit. My phone died so Laura and Asa supplied me with photos, who supplied which ones I cannot remember. But I am grateful to both of them.

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